Chia Lee is a fashion designer based in New York. Raised in Malaysia, she is exposed to a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic society with diverse religion and traditions. Chia’s appreciations towards cultural heritage and sense of nostalgia are deeply rooted in her work. Through knitting, sewing and embroidery works, Chia creates textile-based designs that are heavily focused on materiality. Her work embodies nostalgic memory of the past by interweaving innovative ideas from the present, embracing the beauty of traditional craftsmanship with a twist of the present through material and technology.


Chia’s latest collection: Kopitiam is a look into everyday life in Malaysia through an installation of a coffee shop from the perspective of 3 generations within her family. She wishes to preserve the nostalgic value attached to the Kopitiam’s down-to earth material culture through the reiteration of traditional crafts and textiles. 


Chia currently resides in New York and is looking for opportunities to expand her knowledge in knitwear and textiles within the New York fashion industry.