Found in the crooks and corners of the streets in Malaysia, there are establishments that offer a glimpse into the country’s heritage and the locals know it as “Kopitiam”.


Kopitiam [“kopi”, Malay for coffee, and “tiam” Hokkien (a Chinese dialect) for shop] is a traditional coffee shop where the locals start their day. The Kopitiam serves a simple breakfast menu that consists of charcoal-toasted bread with kaya paste, half-boiled eggs and homemade coffee. It tells the story of how immigrants from China came to Nanyang (“south sea” or South East Asia) in the late 18th century, a land they saw as a heaven for prosperity and a life-changing future for their family. Kopitiam is the evidence of a melting-pot culture started by the Hainanese immigrants who called Malaysia their second home. Societies collided and new cultural practices were formed as the local's and the immigrant's lives intertwined.


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Inspired by the Kopitiam's down-to-earth interior and unique material culture; this collection acts as a medium to revisit my childhood memories, to trace my heritage, and to preserve the rich history and nostalgic value attached to these establishments. The collection envisioned a nostalgic representation of 3 generations within a family within the setting of a Kopitiam through the materiality and the reiteration of traditional crafts.